ClariPhy SoCs are light years ahead
ClariPhy SoCs are light years ahead


100G to 400G and Beyond Coherent Transport Solutions that Accelerate Internet Bandwidth

ClariPhy is a leading provider of 10G to 400G and beyond semiconductor solutions that establish benchmarks for performance, bandwidth, power and reach while slashing deployment costs. ClariPhy pioneered the industry, by providing the world’s fastest off the shelf, coherent solutions for scaling Internet bandwidth for data centers, transport infrastructure and cloud-based networks.

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Stephen Hardy discusses ClariPhy's 200G coherent SoC market position, modes of operation, and superchannels.

ClariPhy Accelerates 400G Networks by Shipping its 200G Coherent Optical SoC to Customers

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OC Tech Alliance High-Tech Innovation Awards Finalist Semiconductors – LightSpeed-II CL20010